NaTaS Is Everywhere

NaTaS Tokens and DeMN Tokens are available on Quipuswap &, NaTaS Token Farms are Provided on Crunchy.Network and

NaTaS offers his PixelDeMNs NFT collection for you to earn weekly DeMN Token drops. Find PixelDeMN NFT Collections on

Visit our NaTaS Token DAO on Homebase where we are organizing The Dark Mark award system for artist on Tezos that focus on Dark / Evil-themed art.

Connect your Tezos wallet to the PixelDeMNs app to see your PixelDeMN collection & stats

Only 50,000 NaTaS Tokens

1,000,000 DeMN Tokens


See Your PixelDeMN Collection and Stats


Receive weekly DeMN Token rewards for each DeMN Token owned


Occasionally NaTaS will need to recall some of his DeMN’s. Earn on Flash Buy Backs